Who is Dario Soccio?

The videos I starred in:

Who is Dario Soccio?

I come from Milano, Italy. It is a beautiful city with extraordinary architecture. It is the most extravagant place in the whole country. Glamorous, mystique and mysterious, it draws crowds. There is no place of romance that could outstand Milano. It is also known for stylish shops, galleries and restaurants.

I grew up in Milano, studying economics, but then I started a life of adventures and mystery. I travelled around the whole Italy on a scooter. I worked as a waiter, diving instructor and a city guide in Rome. Then I returned to Milano to become a fashion model and a disco DJ.

It was there when I met my friends from Poland during one of the parties, who are DJs and music producers too. One of the guys who were with them proposed me to play a role in a video. I decided to discover Poland, this wild northern country and agreed. So here I am!

Below you can listen to some music gigs I recorded in my studio:

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