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Reversions - new promo mix

All songs used in this mix were successful, becoming international hits. They are still listened to today by people all over the world. However, this success was only achieved by their covers. Hence we know them in other versions. And yet, although it sometimes seems impossible, these are the original versions. These are "re-versions".

Each of these songs has its own story. Sometimes the cover was written in the same year, just a few months after the original. This was the case of the song "Self Control" by the Italian band RAF, re-recorded by Laura Branigan in the same year, 1984, to reach the top of the charts. In other cases, the songs had to wait several decades. Often, new versions were created at a completely different moment in music history, which gave them a completely different color and flavor.

Why did these covers, and not the originals, find a place on a pedestal? Did "the other" artist have more talent? Was there a better time? Were larger amounts spent on promotion? We will never know. One thing is certain: these original versions are of quality in themselves and already contain that "something" that makes the song tug at our hearts.

For the purposes of my project, I selected a dozen or so such songs, although there are, of course, many more. I've listed them from newest to oldest. In this way, a time machine was created, enabling a journey to the roots of today's music.

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